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5/18/07: Yes, those are clones of Skullbot's ultimate form.

5/5/07: Whooooops, missed an update friday. Here's a comic, a day late. I've discovered that if I own up to this sort of thing, it's much easier to keep going after a little accident like this and get back on schedule.

4/6/07: Good news! It looks like the autoupdater has fixed itself, so everything here should be going back to normal. That said, I'm going to be waiting to put friday's comic up until the evening, to give Wednesday's a little more time to germinate.

In other news, this storyline is about a week from completion, so I'm suffering from writer fatigue. I may take a week off when it's done as a bit of a break, and prepare for the next storyline - which while long, may very well be SCDB's last. Oooh! Ominous!

4/4/07: Comicgenesis's autoupdater is on the fritz. I suppose I should have done this this morning, but ah well. I've manually gotten wednesday's comic up by editing the main page by hand. That means monday's won't be in the archive until Comicgenesis fixes itself.

If the autoupdater still isn't fixed by friday, I'll see if I can put both comics up by hand.

2/22/07: A news update!? It can't be! Well, SCDB has been chugging along quite smoothly since the beginning of 2007. While I may not have made any news posts at all during that time, I do think the comics being up there spoke for themselves.
In any event, this update has a purpose WE HAVE WORKING FORUMS AGAIN! Yes folks, the long-dead and broken Forum Link is now fully working! It's a regular ol' comicgenesis board, so if you already have an account there you don't even need to re-register. And if you don't have a comicgenesis forum account yet, what are you waiting for?
Just in case the link doesn't work at first for some reason, I'm making a direct link here, too. So enjoy! Forums! Yay! Post! Comment! I know you wanna.

8/25/06: I do believe everyone's favorite comic-in-a-coma has just blinked, a day after its fourth birthday. Will it reawaken properly? Who knows. I hope it will.

Oddly enough, what got me to update was someone comparing me to Guybrush Threepwood.

I can't explain it either.

ADDENDUM: ... Holy -shit-. Okay guys. What with keenspot becoming Comicgenesis and everything, I've gotten a whole lot of new tools, one of which being site ratings. Back during November, at the height of me updating regularly last, I was getting over 50 visits (not hits) -a day-. This is worlds beyond what I thought my audiance actually was. Even now, after over 8 months of -no- updating, I am averaging 15 visits a day.

You have got to believe me. I had no idea that you guys were that effing loyal. I am -touched-. I have good feelings about this now, and I think that was all I really needed to roll up my sleves and get serious about things.

12/1/05: Mmmm, yeah, I know. The comics have been bordering on a day late lately, and this one is definitely a day late. Two comics soon, that should get me back to making them the night before, instead of the morning of... (Yes, I do things *that* last minute.)

11/24/05: This was supposed to go up much earlier in the week, sorry about that. I wanted to say that I was taking the week off for thanksgiving and my birthday, but it's a little late to say that. In any event, SCDB returns on the 27th.

11/18/05: I've been stuck without a decent enough punchline for wednesday's comic, I've got them for every day between thursday and saturday, hopefully I'll think of something by tonight for Saturday's update, and you'll get the rest of the "questions week" all at once.

11/13/05: Yes, for the record, Commanderbot died simply because I HATED drawing him. Seriously.

11/12/05: They're black and white, yes, but if I colored them I never would have gotten to sleep at all. I'll go back and color them in when I make tomorow's comic. In the meantime, enjoy~

11/11/05: I know, I'm a day behind. Bare with me, I've gotten 3 hours of sleep in the last 36. Two comics tomorow, I promise.

11/03/05: Second Missed Update Verse, Same As The First.

11/01/05: Yay candy day! That's me as the Fonz, and obviously, Skullbot as a shark.

10/31/05: He's dead, Jim.

10/29/05: We all knew it was going to happen again sometime. I missed an update, so you get two comics today! Boy, it feels like it's 2002 again...

10/19/05: I've done a little cleaning up around here, including revamping the extras page, tidying up the archive a bit, and getting all that old news off the front page. Hurrah!

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